Drawing the lost to Christ through Christian media.


Santa Believes in CHRISTmas Santa Beleives in CHRISTmas A children's Crhstmas storybook about little Sarah who believes that Santa Claus is the greatest person who ever lived. She visits the mall with her mother who is finishing last minute shopping. It is at the mall that little Sarah discovers, from the shopping mall Santa himself, that Santa is not greatest. In fact, Santa explains, Jesus is the greatest person ever. CHRISTmas is really about Jesus! Learn more...

O Lord, I'm Single Again O Lord, I'm Single Again is a Biblical study based of four singles who are the main characters in the Book of Ruth. You will find honest insights to difficult questions like, "Where was God when I needed Him?" "What does the opposite sex really want?" "What does it take to have a lasting future relationship?" "What does God really want for my life?" Learn more...


This Chalk Talks Drawn before your eyes ...
With a hidden surprise!
Messages from the Bible are illustrated in chalk. Each one has an invisible hidden picture that only emerges with enhanced lighting. If a picture speaks a thousand words... then this chalk really talks! Learn more ...
A Brush with Faith Painted before your eyes ...
with a hidden surprise. Learn more...


Bible Point
If you use PowerPoint...
You will love BiblePoint.

Hundreds of Bible lessons full illustrated and all formated in PowerPoint. Available on CDs.

Some of the fully illustrated book studies include:
  • the book of Exodus
  • The book of Daniel
  • The book of Amos
  • The book of Haggai
  • The book of Acts
  • The book of Galatians
  • The book of Ephesians
  • The books of the Thessalonians
  • The book of Philemon
  • The book of James
  • The books of Peter
  • The book of 1 John
  • The book of the Revelation

Other studies include:
  • Doctrines
  • Topics
  • Holidays

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Living Single Again

Living Single Again is a DVD curriculum for small group study. It is a post-divorce recovery tool that enables you to take healthy steps toward your future and future relationships. With Living Single Again, you will discover the glue that holds relationships together and learn how to cement a relationship for a life-time. You will also learn what causes relationships to come unglued so you can avoid past emotional pain in the future.

Every "single-again" person, after divorce recovery, is faced with "getting on with life." Now there is sensible approach to do just that. If you have attended a divorce recovery group, why stop half-way, when you can finish the course with Living Single Again? Learn more...

Web Design & Hosting

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Custom church websites designed so you can easily update them yourself. A basic custom site may include any of the following:
  • Home page – that introduces you and offers simple navigation to the rest of your pages!
  • Service page – lists time of services
  • Directions/Map page – with an interactive map for directions to your church
  • Ministries page – list of ministries your church offers
  • Calendar page – church calendar that will UpdateEZ
  • Blog page –your (pastor’s) blog embedded in your website
  • Church Newsletter – your Newsletter available online 
  • Messages page – your messages posted online
  • Contact Us/Staff page – with photos of staff
  • Data Gathering page – forms to collect email addresses for your email lists
  • Embedded Christian Resources -- or links to additional Christian resources
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